SD19 Staff – Microsoft Teams Support Page

Hello SD19 Staff!

This webpage is designed to bring together all of the various resources being constructed by teachers to support our colleagues in building out Microsoft Teams sites for our students. As we go forward, any additional resources will be added to the keep all of the information in one place and up-to-date.

If you Microsoft Teams questions, or have developed resources to share with our colleagues, please let the Microsoft Teams Train-the-Trainers at each school know so we can add them here!

Many thanks!

Great Teams Usage Ideas

  • Video someone reading a story and post to the class Team for the students to listen and watch
  • Post daily trivia to the “Posts” section of the class Team to encourage students visiting the class Team frequently
  • More ideas for using Teams?  Send them to your schools Team Train the Trainer!

Print-Based Resources




Video-Based Resources

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After you log into Office 365 return to this page

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Downloading Microsoft Teams and Other Office 365 Components

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Adding Students to a Microsoft Team Site

Scheduling and Hosting a Live Microsoft Teams Meeting

NEW! Microsoft Teams Live Meeting Helpful Settings

NEW! Microsoft Teams Live Meeting Helpful Settings – Safari Issue

Introduction to Microsoft Teams Channels #1

Introduction to Microsoft Teams Channels #2

Understanding the “Class Notebook” Feature of Microsoft Teams

NEW! Working with the Microsoft Teams Assignments / Gradebook Tools

NEW! Using the Insight Tool in Microsoft Teams to Monitor Student Participation

NEW!  Introduction to Uploading Video into Microsoft Stream

NEW!  Uploading a Video to a Microsoft Stream Channel

NEW!  Adding a Quiz to a Video In Microsoft Teams

Creating Screen Capture Videos on a Macintosh Computer

Modifying PDF Files

How Share Documents from Microsoft OneDrive That Can’t Be Modified by Students

Adding Cool Announcements to the “Posts” Section of a Microsoft Team

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