Long Range Facility Plan and Surplus Schools Updates

In accordance with Ministry of Education’s expectations that each board of education have a Long Range Facilities Plan in place that outlines managements strategies for its inventory of capital assets in support of educational programming goals.  The Long- Range Facilities Plan will guide the Revelstoke Board of Education in making decisions in terms of facility operations and educational programming.  On November 18th, 2020 the Revelstoke Board of Education approved the Long Range Facility Plan, the link to it is below.

Long Range Facility Plan

The Project Agreement between the Revelstoke Board of Education and the Minister of Education set out the funding plan for the Revelstoke Schools Project.  The plan identified a local contribution to be raised through the disposition of surplus school sites.  In an effort to keep the public informed, we are pleased to provide copies of information bulletins and other information that has been released regarding the surplus school sites.

Big Eddy Elementary School Site

Mount Begbie Elementary School Site


School District #19 (Revelstoke)